Dorset Ceilidh consists of outstanding musicians, all of which have played countless ceilidhs.

The 4 piece from Dorset Ceilidh finishing off at Lyme Folk Festival under festival alias Rookwood.  Our standard lineup has a fiddle as well for an even more driving melody.  Note that this is not a studio production - it is just a hand held digital camera at a gig for you to get a flavour of what to expect live!


There are three components to a ceilidh band: The Tune Players, The Accompanists and The Caller. Although we have a standard 5 piece lineup, we often receive special requests so we can tailor the line up to your specification. Maybe you want an ace Irish Bodhran player to for your visiting Irish guests or love the accordion for the Scottish style dances. Below is our standard lineup.

The Tune Players

Fiddle and vocals : Katherine Hurdley

  Katherine's fiddling abilities range from sonorous classical pieces to lighting jigs and reels. She is hugely in demand playing Scottish Reeling nights across Europe with Supergrouse and playing festivals with progressive English folk band The QP.

 Mandolin : Sam Skey

Sam's mandolin playing is second to none, he has gathered his tunes and technique from playing all over England. He was a founding member of the revered Dorset folk band Beltaine and set up the original Ceilidh Project packing London clubs with hundreds of young ceilidh goers.

Uilleann Pipes / Wooden Flute : Tim O'Dowd

   Tim is a newcomer to the west country and brings with him some of the finest piping to have graced our west country ears. A second generation piper, he learnt his craft in the piping clubs in London. He has a phenomenal repertoire of the very finest Irish tunes.

The Accompanists

Guitar (with bass boost) / Vocals : Alexander Percy

  Hailing form Shaftesbury in North Dorset, he is a top-notch sought after celtic guitarist playing with some of the top names in the business touring Europe with "foot stomping trad heavyweights" The Long Notes, playing festivals with the acclaimed Rookwood and performing with Radio 2 Folk music of the year 2013 Tim Edey. His unique set up with bass pedals provide an unrivalled driving accompaniment to traditional tunes that will have all your guests on the dance floor. 

Drumkit : Sam Lifton

   Integral to the DC sound, Sam is one of few drummers that really gets the ceilidh music. He runs his own popular ceilidh group Morrigan Dagda and gigs all over the UK and recently Malta with the superlative Supergrouse, the hottest new group on the Scottish Reeling circuit.

 The Caller

We usually do all the calling in house although we can work with guest callers for festivals and have worked with the best in the business. Our friendly personable style will soon get your guests up to speed with a wide range of dances suitable for various abilities/age groups/levels of intoxication.

Extra Members

Double Bass : Andrew North

  When looking for that Lunasa sound we call on the awesome Andy North to fill in the low notes. He is a truly outstanding musician and an excellent jazz muso. A fiddle player himself, he intuitively knows how to raise the energy levels of the band to the max.

 Piano Accordion : Phil Wilcox

The accordion is synonymous with a traditional Scottish style ceilidh, Phil's energetic playing has taken him across Europe playing at many folk festivals. He makes a fine addition to the DC sound.

Other requests

Over the years we have worked with many of the finest traditional musicians. So you can rest assured that if you specially request something different like a highland piper or a harp player or we need to find a substitute for one of our regular members, they will be hand picked gems of musicians.